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CV050 PERFECT LACQUER Painting Processes

Author: gabriellalechler@gmail.com/Friday, September 23, 2022/Categories: Painting processes

PERFECT LACQUER painting processes allow to obtain supreme gloss finishes through the overcoating of basecoats and pigmented clearcoats interacting with each other.

These different colour combinations, obtained with the matt basecoat 29903 1K MATT BASE, the clearcoat 96230 Tixo Klarlack 09 and the additives Macrofan Clear Tone (Green CT070, Yellow CT010, Red CT030 and Black CT080), allow to obtain very deep colours with a high saturation level.

PERFECT LACQUER painting processes are divided into two subfamilies:

High Lacquer, based on the “additive theory of colour”, implies that the basecoat and the clearcoat have the same tint and the tinting of the clearcoat allows to enhance the colour deep.

Deep Lacquer, based on the “subtractive theory of colour”, implies a deliberate interaction between complementary colours, the colour of the basecoat and the colours of the tinted clear, that always produces a clear with highest deep and a “colour flame” determined by the basecoat.

In fact, except the clear tinted with dark colours tending to black/brown, the other tinted clears can be applied on basecoats in the complementary colour (f.i. on the green basecoat you apply the red clear or, vice versa, on the red basecoat you apply the green clear), thus obtaining a unique colour “in subtraction” and not reproducible in any other way.

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CV050 PERFECT LACQUER Painting Processes
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